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…fast, exciting, thrilling and incredibly varied!

The Jade Race offers from 19.- 21.07. 2019 racing atmosphere – immediately and directly. A special experience for drivers and spectators!

Before typically norhtern german scenery on the bosom of nature you see motorsport at its best. Since 2010, the Drag Racing Motorsport transformed the runway of the Jade-Weser-Airport in a racetrack. And not only the driver of the drag race on the quarter mile (402.34 m) have taken a liking to the slopes. The spectators enjoy the view of the route along the longest rostrum of the world – the dike!

The event is an unforgettable weekend extravaganza be for all concerned! Everyone should get his best. But the focus is clearly on the race track! We do everything for a fast and smooth implementation of numerous runs on the Strip.

We are helped through the ample grounds: The runway is 1459 m long and 30 m wide and also for most vehicles a lush dimensioned brake and run-off area. About the separate returnlane the driver reach quickly the paddock or the pre-start, if they want to make more runs.

For accurate to the thousandth of a second timing is proven in many races Department of DHRA from Holland are available. The boys measuring and documenting the times of each run and also provide a fast and professional technical inspection.

Spectators declared none other than the legendary track commentator Benni Voss the race. Actually, he wears his nickname “Germany’s quickest snout” rightly. Or better yet “the walking encyclopaedia of Drag Racing”. Benni shows not only the classes, the cars and their technology and most drivers. He has also for many years a respected expert in all aspects of the regulations.

Thus, the racing takes place at a high, international standard.

The public has unrestricted access to the paddock and on the introduction of the cars on the track, the so-called line-up. Those interested can watch the race car under the bodywork and to be initiated from the riders and mechanics in the secrets of speed. You can hear crackle the motors when they cool after the runs of the hunt for tenths and hundredths. And with a few steps to get from the paddock again to nature grandstand to watch the races.

Directly in the paddock local specialist companies have the opportunity to present their products and their expertise. The repertoire ranges according to experience of vehicle processing, repairs on accessories to the presentation of cars and motorcycles. Informative and efficient – not only for racing enthusiasts.

The Jade Race is not only open to drivers who are infected for years with the drug of drag racing. New comers are welcome who want to know even how long can be seconds when you’re on the hunt for speed.

What does it take to be submitted also at the lights? ….

  • read Terms and Conditions
  • register (possible in the coming days)
  • get a Helm
  • bring scrutineering behind
  • And: Welcome to the club of acceleration addict.

The unwritten laws of Drag Racing is one that everyone helps each and that there are neither brand nor conceit class envy. We pursue the same objective: The funds – which are a available – to take in the shortest possible time the quarter mile under the wheels.